3 Sculpt Sweat Vests
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3 Sculpt Sweat Vests

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Ladies, your new workout buddy has arrived. Tired of working out days on end and seeing no results? Well, we have your solution. Meet the Sweat Vest, aka the "Sauna Vest." Wear this during your workout to increase sweat up to 5x the normal amount. By mimicking a sauna-like atmosphere, this vest will help you shed weight via thermogenic stimulus and you can expect to INCINERATE that unwanted extra weight, target tummy fat loss, and protect yourself from injury. Look good, feel good ladies. 

 As seen worn by numerous Hollywood A-list celebrities: Tiny Harris, Tammy Rivera, India Westbrooks, Erica Mena, and many more!

Experience all these amazing benefits and find out why hundreds of thousands of customers identify the Sweat Vest as the core piece in their weekly workout regimen 💪