Sculpt Sweat Trilogy Bundle
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Sculpt Sweat Trilogy Bundle

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Our best selling Sculpt Sweat Thermogenic Workout Enhancing Sweat Cream is bundled with our new Sculpt Sweat Muscle Recovery Gel and our new Sculpt Sweat Anti-Cellulite Firming Lotion. 


Step1: Use the Sculpt Sweat Thermogenic Workout Enhancing Sweat Cream and you will instantly see the difference in the amount you sweat during your workout. Targeting fat loss and undesirable water weight removal by enhancing circulation and sweating.

Step 2: Use the Sculpt Sweat Muscle Recovery Gel to help stimulate muscle recovery after activity. This lotion contains MSM to lower joint pain and reduce inflammation and soreness after a good workout.

 Step 3: Apply the Sculpt Sweat Anti-Cellulite Firming Lotion to body as a lotion at targeted cellulite areas. Can be used multiple times per day or night to enhance circulation to breakdown cellulite. Lotion stimulates skin firming at key areas of the body to help smooth and even out skin texture.